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Study Title  Study Status Non-Medical Description 
Proteomics of the effects of Gemcitabine with IV omega-3 fish oils in patients with unresectable pancreatic adenocarcinoma.  Open to recruitment Collecting blood samples from patients with inoperable pancreatic cancer to look for proteins that may provide an indication of being more susceptible to cancer.
Randomised controlled trial on the effects of parenteral fish oil emulsion in critically ill septic patients. Open to recruitment To investigate whether intravenous omega-3 fish oils can help improve or speed up recovery from severe infection.
Assessment of mannose-binding lectin dependent pathway deficiency in the pancreatic islet auto-transplant patient. Open to recruitment Collecting blood samples from patients to investigate whether some people may recover better than others following an islet transplant
Randomised controlled trial of plasma and cellular uptake of oral EPA & DHA with or without exogenous lipase supplementation in healthy volunteers  In set-up To determine whether people absorb omega-3 fish oils better when taken with an enzyme that aids digestion.
Informed consent: assessment of optimum information for major HPB procedures. In set-up To investigate whether it causes people to become more anxious when they receive more in-depth information on risks and benefits when signing their consent form before an operation.
The mechanistic role of fish oils in micro RNA expression and therapeutic effects in pancreatic cancer In set-up To investigate in close detail how fish oil “switches” on and off certain genes in patients with pancreatic cancer