Staff | Consultant Profile – Dr Mosheir Elabassy

  • Name:
Dr Mosheir Elabassy MBChB, FRCP
  • Position:
Consultant Radiologist
  • Biography:
Previously Radiology Lead then core member of HBP MDT for the last 15 years. I Work in a team of highly skilled GI Radiologists who offer comprehensive diagnostic and interventional procedures for HBP patients ranging from ultrasound to specialised liver MRI imaging, PET-CT and anatomical reconstruction for planning of major surgery. Interventional (minimal invasive) techniques start from difficult tissue biopsies to stenting for bile duct obstructions. The team also offer liver tumour treatment by embolisation or direct delivery of chemotherapy drugs and change of blood circulation in patients with liver cirrhosis.

I work in close collaboration with the surgical team in staging patients prior to surgery and offering radiological support in the manamgement of complicated pancreatitis. I’m involved with in microwave liver ablation which is a pioneering treatment led by the team in Leicester. The Leicester HPB team is a cohesive unit which prides itself on its commitment and collective ownership towards patient care.